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Expert Home Inspection Services in Fayette County with H&H Inspections, PLLC

Quality Home Inspections by Chad Hammons in La Grange, Schulenburg, and Fayetteville

When purchasing a home in Fayette County, trust Chad Hammons of H&H Inspections, PLLC, to deliver detailed home inspections in La Grange, Schulenburg, Fayetteville, and surrounding areas. Whether you’re attracted to the historic charm of Fayetteville, the vibrant heritage of Schulenburg, or the scenic beauty surrounding La Grange, Chad’s expertise and detailed inspection processes ensure that you understand every aspect of your prospective home.

Fayette County, Texas Courthouse

Why Choose Chad Hammons for Your Fayette County Home Inspection?

  • Deep Local Knowledge: With years of experience inspecting homes in similar areas, Chad is intimately familiar with the unique architectural styles and potential issues specific to the region—from historic homes to new constructions.

  • Thorough Inspection Coverage: Chad’s inspections meticulously cover every accessible part of the property, including specialized checks for the issues that are common in the Fayette County area, such as foundation integrity due to the local soil composition.

  • Client-Centered Service: Chad believes in treating each client’s potential home as if his own family would live there, providing peace of mind through his dedicated, thorough approach.


What We Inspect

Chad provides an all-encompassing inspection that assesses:

  • Structural Integrity including Foundations and Framing

  • Exteriors and Interiors

  • Roofing, Attics, and Insulation

  • Electrical Systems

  • Plumbing Systems

  • HVAC Systems


Each inspection concludes with a detailed report that offers clear, actionable insights, helping you make informed decisions with confidence.


Explore Local Insights

Nestled between rolling hills and lush greenery, Fayette County is known for its picturesque landscapes and historical sites. From the famous Painted Churches in Schulenburg to the Fayette County Courthouse in La Grange and the antique shops of Fayetteville, the area is rich with history and charm. Chad’s familiarity with local landmarks and historical buildings adds an extra layer of detail to his inspections, considering factors like age, preservation status, and specific maintenance needs of properties in these localities.


Book Your Home Inspection Today!

Ensure you fully understand the condition of your Fayette County property with Chad Hammons at H&H Inspections, PLLC. For a thorough home inspection that leaves no stone unturned, reach out to us at (979) 323-6050 or email You may also reach out to schedule an inspection on this page. Trust your home inspection to a professional who cares about your peace of mind.

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